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Sleek datacenter

Ask how you can combine training and services engagements for maximum value!


We can help you with pilot and proof-of-concept deployments.


We can install and configure a solution, with integrated mentoring and support for your team.


We can make it work with what you have, and can identify and bridge gaps using a variety of technologies and solutions. We can provide automation, configuration management, data migration and synchronization and a range of other solutions tailored to the unique needs of your environment.


We can take you to the next generation, or help you switch platforms. As markets change and technology lifecycles evolve, we can ensure that you are never left with unsupportable platforms that can no longer meet your needs.


Get some help from someone who's been there, done that. For complex or specialized requirements, we can come onsite to unstick your stickiest problems, or come and visit us at our site and leverage our knowledge.

IT Security

We can help lock down your systems, or assist in response in the event of an incident. When you need assurance, let us help you identify the scope of security breaches and develop a recovery strategy that safeguards your business and your data. We can help you audit and assess your current security posture and ensure that security risks are identified and minimized, BEFORE an incident occurs.

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