KnowledgeStep: Java Application Development with Spring

Course JV06: Java Application Development with Spring

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This 5 day course provides students with the knowledge needed to use the Spring Framework and to use the Hibernate Object/Relational Mapping (ORM) framework to implement the persistence layer of J2EE applications to develop flexible, testable and maintainable Java EE enterprise applications.


  • Software designers, developers and programmers


  • Understand Java
  • Understand Servlets and JSP

Course Outline

  • The Need for Spring
  • Inversion of Control
  • Wiring Beans
  • Object/Relational Mapping Concepts
  • Basic Hibernate Mappings
  • Aspect-Oriented Programming in Spring including support for AspectJ
  • Manipulating Persistent Objects
  • Advanced Hibernate Mappings
  • Transactions and Concurrency
  • Spring MVC, form tag library and portlet framework
  • Accessing Enterprise Services

Course Objectives

After completing this course, students will have gained the knowledge to:
  • Understand the need for the Spring framework
  • Use inversion of control to increase flexibility and testability of applications
  • Understand the concepts of object/relational mappings
  • Create Hibernate mappings
  • Understand and use aspect-oriented programming to better handle cross-cutting concerns
  • Integrate Spring with the Hibernate ORM framework
  • Retrieve and update persistent objects using Hibernate
  • Use HQL (Hibernate Query Language) and criteria queries
  • Know when to use database and application transactions
  • Use the Spring MVC web framework and form tag library to develop flexible web applications
  • Access enterprise services including JMS, email, job schedulers and JNDI
  • Use various Spring and Hibernate tools