KnowledgeStep: Introduction to Java Server Pages

Course JS01: Introduction to Java Server Pages

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This 5 day course teaches you the Java and system design skills necessary to create powerful, database-driven, cross-platform Web applications using JavaServer Pages (JSP).


  • Understand the role of Java in Web development
  • Learn key object-oriented concepts used by JSP
  • Understand different JSP engines
  • Learn JSP syntax and structure
  • Work with cookies and session management
  • Handle form data with JSP
  • Integrate JSP with database solutions
  • Debug JSP

Course Outline

  • Introducing Java and JavaServer Pages
  • Including Content
  • Conditionals
  • Processing Form Input
  • Type Casting Operations on Form Data
  • Code Level Basic Validation
  • Error Trapping
  • Session Variables
  • Reading and Writing Files with
  • Parsing Text Using StringTokenizer
  • Sending Emails from your JSPs
  • Processing File Uploads
  • Introducing JDBC
  • Working with ResultSetMetaData
  • Using Form Data to Retrieve Records
  • Databinding to a UI: Dynamically Populated Drop Down List
  • Transactions and Thread Synchronization
  • Invoking Stored Procedures
  • Regular Expressions
  • Introducing JavaBeans
  • Integrating JavaBeans with JSP
  • Assigning Parameters to Bean Properties
  • Scoping Beans
  • JavaBean Serialization
  • JDBC-Driven JavaBeans
  • JSTL
  • Introducing XML
  • Examining an XML Application
  • Server-Side XML
  • Appendix A: Creating an ODBC DSN
  • Appendix B: An Overview of SQL