KnowledgeStep: Advanced JavaScript: Forms, Cookies, and Windows

Course JS04: Advanced JavaScript: Forms, Cookies, and Windows

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Building on our popular Introduction to JavaScript courses, Advanced JavaScript: Forms, Cookies, and Windows teaches you the skills you need to enhance your Web sites with advanced JavaScript-driven features.


  • Perform advanced form validation immediately after a user fills in a field and automatically highlights the sections that need to be corrected
  • Control cookies with JavaScript
  • Master regular expressions and enable scripts to interactively check whether a string of characters matches a specific pattern
  • Build adaptive forms that change automatically as the user enters data
  • Understand complex control structures including break, continue, do-while, for-in, switch-case, and more
  • Create reusable code with object-oriented programming techniques such as inheritance, classes, and objects
  • Understand the full capabilities of the date and location objects to time stamp form submissions, create navigation menus, and more

Course Outline

  • Introduction
  • Regular Expressions
  • Backreferences
  • String Methods that Can Use Regular Expressions
  • Building a Form Toolbox
  • More Tools for Working with Forms
  • Working with the Date Object
  • Working with the Location Object
  • Custom Objects
  • Objects within Objects
  • Extending Object Classes
  • Inter-Window Communication in JavaScript
  • Inter-Frame Communication in JavaScript
  • Auto-Populating SELECT Lists
  • Regular Expression Reference
  • XML-JavaScript Interaction