KnowledgeStep: Advanced Java with Eclipse

Course JV10: Advanced Java with Eclipse

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This 5 day course teaches how to develop advanced Java applications using Eclipse. The advanced features of Java that developers may be using in many different types of programs are covered.


This course is intended for programmers who are familiar with Java and want to learn about the advanced features of Java.


A good understanding of object-oriented programming using Java.

Course Objectives

After completing this course, students will have gained the knowledge to:
  • Understand how to connect to databases and work with data
  • Use the logging capabilities built into the Java language
  • Use the support for multiple languages provided by Java
  • Use the reflection API to programmatically obtain details on Java classes
  • Provide better architecture for Java programs
  • Work with multi-threaded Java applications
  • Use networking and distributed technologies of Java
  • Work with XML from Java code
  • Use Java capabilities to intergrate with non-Java code
  • Use the security APIs provided with the Java language

Course Outline

  • JavaBeans
  • JDBC
  • Java Logging API
  • Internationalization
  • The Reflection API
  • Architecture
  • Threads
  • Networking
  • Distributed Objects
  • Parsing XML with SAX
  • Parsing XML with DOM
  • Security
  • Summary of Recent Java Changes