KnowledgeStep: Advanced JavaScript DOM scripting and DHTML

Course JS03: Advanced JavaScript DOM scripting and DHTML

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Gain practical knowledge of dynamic scripting techniques by working with real-world examples of animation, shopping carts and calendars. You will learn and test concepts of menus and cookies to enable better Web page interactivity. You will learn all this with an emphasis on browser independence and the latest Web Standards compliant techniques. The course ends with a look at the future of DOM Scripting through AJAX: Asynchronous JavaScript and XML.


  • Generate page animation by joining CSS and JavaScript, enabling you to move page elements gradually to specific locations on the page or having sections appear and disappear in response to user actions
  • Build dynamic pages that respond to selecting text, pressing keys, dragging and dropping page elements,resizing of windows and more
  • Create shopping carts and calendars
  • Control cookies
  • Create reusable code with object oriented programming techniques
  • Understand the future of DOMScripting (DHTML)

Course Outline Complete course outline

  • Timed Animation with CSS
  • “Phasing” Elements with the Clip Style
  • JavaScript Effects
  • Dragable Content
  • Shopping Carts
  • Calendars
  • DHTML Menus
  • DHTML with Data
  • Advanced Regular Expressions and Backreferences
  • Cookies
  • Auto-Populating SELECT Lists
  • Appendix A: Color Values and Hexadecimal Triplets
  • Appendix B: DHTML in Various Browsers
  • Appendix C: Generating Status Bar Messages
  • Appendix E: Regular Expression References
  • Appendix F: The future in AJAX: JavaScript and XML
  • Appendix G: Recommended Resources