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About KnowledgeStep

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We can ensure that your organization is ready to meet the most extensive demands and that your team can hit the ground running.

We work with clients and partners to establish readiness and dramatically shorten the learning curve. Let us help you boost team efficiency and reduce project risk.

Our instructors have deep and broad experience with the deployment, integration and support of advanced infrastructure and development products.

Our instructors are the most experienced and average 15 years or more experience in the classroom AND in the field.

Our model is different

Other training providers talk about Enterprise IT, but we've been there and done it, with the scars to prove it!
We bring that knowledge into the classroom and can provide you with real operational guidance and answer questions about your deployment.

No other training provider provides our extensive consulting services to help you envision, design, develop, plan, test, deploy, operate and support legacy, current and emerging technology.

Experience the difference, experience the results!

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